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Smooth Newts

Observed: 23rd August 2012 By: b.trippier@yahoo.com

I think these are smooth newts, but would really appreciate it if someone could confirm this species identity as we also get great crested newts in the area, thanks.

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I agree I dont think they are

I agree I dont think they are great crested newts and are most likely either smooth newts or palmate newts. I was talking with a friend on my biology course and she was saying how she thought or had read somewhere that there weren't palmate newts present in Reading. Is this true? as I thought they are fairly widely across the south. Is there any way to tell between the two species at this larval stage?

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There are palmate newts

There are palmate newts around Reading but they are less common than the smooth newts. There's no way to tell the larvae apart in the field I'm afraid.

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There certainly are Plamate newts in the Reading area, though these occur less frequently in ponds aways from heathland than the Smooth newt - have a look at the distribution map on the NBN.

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