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Slow worms


I have Slow worms living in my garden. It's not a tidy garden. I would like to know how far they travel in their territory? I intend to try to keep them, and need to know how much garden not to clear.

Cheers, Camerart



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They tend not to move as far

They tend not to move as far as some species. As long as there is sufficient food and basking areas, and somewhere to hibernate they should be fine. However, I'm sure the animals in your garden are part of a larger populations which extends across neighbouring gardens and adjacent land. Basically, the more of your garden you can leave suitable (i.e. don't cut the grass to often...), the more you are likely to find there.

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Thanks for your reply. Can

Thanks for your reply.

Can you be more precise please. I am trying to make the garden less untidy, and would like to know how little they would be happy with.

There seem to be a few of them, perhaps more than 6.

There is a solid wall between me and the next suitable garden, would they go out of my garden onto a rough lane and travel 20 foot to get there?

Regards, Camerart.