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Copper Underwing

Observed: 10th September 2012 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Red Underwing Moth (Catocala nupta) 10.9.12.Floral Way Overpass.Type 2

Another Red Underwing I think? Again a small one
I have added some head shots to the collection as I read you can ID species from palps on the front

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Thanks, they did seem a lot

Thanks, they did seem a lot smaller which made me doubt it.I do remember seeing an orangeish colour as one flew off

Graeme Davis

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After your identification I

After your identification I read up on these moths to discover the species can be identified from the palps at the front.

I have added pics of head shots to see if someone can id to species level. Don't feel confident at doing it myself, not sure what I'm looking at

Graeme Davis

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No go on the palps

The use of the palps to ID the 2 Copper U'wings is no longer regarded as a satisfactory method. The palps are especially prone to wear which can give a false impression of their colour. The relative size of the zig-zags near the base of the wing also has it's adherents as an ID method and this approach might give a pointer to the species, but it isn't 100% reliable. To go beyond the "Copper U'wing agg" grouping, you need to look at the upperside of an extended underwing. This is best done when the moth has been anaesthetised, which in turn is best done with acetone free nail-varnish remover.

Robert Homan