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Observed: 8th September 2010 By: IanBDunne
Araneus in my green house 1
Araneus in my green house 2

Araneus spider in my greenhouse. There are several and all the others are very much darker. This one is larger and paler. For several summers running I have had a large female in the green house, I know they do not overwinter, but is it a diadematus or not? Are the colours affected by temperature?

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Several of the Araneus spiders come in a whole range of colour forms, but I don't know if there is any particular factor, such as temperature, that controls the colours, or whether the variation is a defensive tactic to aid camouflage and confuse predators. Although the adult spiders can be conspicuous in their webs, the younger stages are less often seen and presumably spend a lot of time hidden away.

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