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Observed: 9th September 2012 By: angelatopazangelatopaz’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensangelatopaz’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

I found this growing right at the base of a scots pine. There were beech trees near by. I don't know about the spores, as I didn't touch it. The cap seemed to have craters on it's surface. It also had a very matt texture, and the stem a velvety texture.


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other trees

Were there any broad leaved tree's near like beech


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I think this might be Boletus

I think this might be Boletus calopus but we would need to see more detail of the stem and the cut surface.

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more information

Hi, I've added a bit more information on the fungi. I'm affraid I have no more photographs of it.


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Boletus legaliae

Boletus legaliae (B.satanoides) fits for colours also ;-)

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