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Common Darter

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Common Darter
Common Darter
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Common versus Ruddy

This is a male Common Darter.

The constricted abdomen is best used only when viewed from above (the abdomen is slightly constricted on Common Darters, most obviously when viewed in profile). As they age the legs can unfortunately darken on Common Darters, to the point where the yellow stripes can be difficult to see.

A maturing male Ruddy Darter would be expected t show black down the side of the 'face', and the 'face' would tend to show some red. It would also be very unusual for a Ruddy Darter to ever show such an obvious dark stripe across the side of the thorax separating the yellow into two clear stripes.

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OK, thanks, just checking!

OK, thanks, just checking!

Jamie from Briantspuddle