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Observed: 28th August 2009 By: mxg01
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young gannet

Could this be a newly fledged bird so early in the year? I think it must be one of last year's, most likely a 'rescued' bird that has recently been released from a bird sanctuary. I often wonder whether all the effort that is spent on rehabilitating oiled and injured birds is worth it.

Bob Ford

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Observation date is August 2009

Taking the date of observation into account (I nearly missed this!), this is a Gannet that has not long been fledged - late August is probably about right for the earliest fledgling gannets.
It looks like one that is yet to be rescued to me though - it's hard to see whether it is oiled, but it does look bedraggled in the shot with its wings open so it might be. As for the money spent on 'rescuing' birds, it's likely that it could be better spent. Whenever the incident causing oiling can be attributed to a company all rescue and clean up costs should be paid for by that company though, so it shouldn't necessarily be money that is diverted from other conservation.

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Thanks for identifying it. Unfortunately it did seem to have a small amount of oil on it.