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IPod/iPhone display problems

For the past week or so iSpot has not been displaying properly on my iPod Touch. Pinch/zoom not working and after login the homepage is blank except for the iSpot logo. Anyone else having problems? (No problems with other websites)



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I've been having the same issues on my android phone.

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Yes, there is a problem. I

Yes, there is a problem. I can see the site OK on my iPhone, but pinching does not work. Some other sites do seem to be affected by this, though not most. We are looking into it.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Should now be fixed

Hi Grianóger,

it turned out that an update had unintended side effects. We've now made to changes to correct this.

Let us know if you continue having problems.


Richard G - iSpot technical team

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Thanks (but ...)

The Homepage is now displaying fully but pinch & zoom is still not working for me.