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Observed: 9th September 2012 By: amantell20amantell20’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Lichen growing amongst moss

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Habitat info?

Could you include some habitat please as that can help with identification!

Baeomyces placophyllus is a possibility but its a species I've not come across myself

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Habitat info

Yes of course Jenny. Habitat is an abandoned limestone/shale quarry in south wales very close to the coast. It was growing amongst mosses in an area with virtually no soil. Having looked at Baeomyces placophylla I doubt it is that as that seems more of northern distribution on acid soils?


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Doesn't look familiar. Appears to be pycnidiate, but hard to make out tiny details.

AlanS may have some ideas.


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Thanks once again Alan! Is there any way of getting this record confirmed with sufficient confidence that I can enter it into the VC41 dataset? The reason being is that this brownfield site is likely to be subject to development pressure in the future and I would like to record what's there so that it can be considered in the correct light at the time. I am no expert on lichens though!