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Hedgehog - pregnant?

Observed: 9th September 2012 By: seclynchseclynch’s reputation in Mammals

Our dog found this on the lawn at 4.30am today and barked at it. Still there at 7.30am. Breathing. I moved it onto a tray and down to rough area at end of garden. Could it be pregnant? Seems to be asleep, but 'started' when I lifted it. Just checked. Has not moved, but body heaving more now.

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You could put it in a suitable box

With a hot-water bottle (plastic pop bottle will do) and an old towel or similar.
It could be sick or under-nourished - if you go to, you can find people who can help.
If you try to feed, don't offer milk - they're lactose-intolerant.

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Hedgehog - pregnant?

Thank you. Checked this evening and he/she has moved about 2ft further into the undergrowth, where I can't reach. I hope safe from foxes there. Have left shallow dish of water nearby.

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I suspect this is a very poorly hedgehog, probably a heavy worm infestation. I realise you saw it a month ago, I suggest if you come across an animal like this again take it to your local vet, most will treat wild animals for free.

Graham Banwell

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