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What Super Little Creatures!

I haven't seen one for ages. Many years ago (1950's) we used to keep them in a vivarium. My parents had a friend in Devon who'd send them through the post to us here in Hertfordshire. My father warned me about picking them up by their tails; I vividly recall that we received one which had dropped its tail and grown a stumpy new one.
An innocent earlier age, when such things were common, as was a lot of our wildlife (not all - some have done astonishingly well).
Not so now, of course - too many people, too much intensive agriculture, too little habitat for wild creatures. And the trend doesn't seem likely to change, I fear. Rant over...

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So true!

We used to have Slow-worms living in our front garden but they have long since gone. Simon Barnes wrote a super article in the Autumn 2011 National Trust magazine where he wanted to start campaigning for the Society for the Preservation of Nothing Very Special (SPNVS). His point being that these places are becoming more special by the minute. He says we are continuing, almost without noticing, a fast programme of destruction and extinction. The London-Birmingham rail line 'saving 20 mins of our lives every time we make the journey wont damage anything special or unique: only 4 Wildlife Trust reserves, 10 SSSIs, more than 50 chunks of ancient woodland ...'. The country is full of little patches of this and expanses of that , routine take-them-for-granted places, which if we don't take a stand will disappear before we notice.
My rant over!!

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Don't Start Me On The Railways!

They're building a flyover near me to save 5 minutes for rail travellers, mangling local fields, closing footpaths, costing goodness knows how much money - GRRR!
Now look what you've done, set me off again...