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Mystery butterfly

Today in my house a beautiful butterfly: small (about 20mm across), similar shape to common blue, wings a pale yellow with regularly spaced dark brown spots.
I almost trod on it, but happily, noticed it.
Unfortunately, it escaped my capture efforts and flew off into the garden and away so I have no photo. :(
I can find nothing with this colouring and markings.
I do hope someone can enlighten me.



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It sounds a bt

Like a Speckled Yellow Moth: try googling that and see if it looks likely.

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Thanks Amadan.

Checked out speckled yellow as suggested. Possible, but ... my one definitely had round spots not the blotchy markings shown on EOL and other sites. Of course, this could be a variant.
There is one EOL pic that shows wings in classic butterfly pose, which my one had.
I hope it comes back.

S Tomkins

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yellow moth

look up brimstone moth, holds its wings like a butterfly, pale yellow with brown marks on edge of wings, I've had quite a few in my moth trap lately.


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Thanks for the suggestion - I

Thanks for the suggestion - I checked it out. Definitely not a brimstone moth. My one had spots all over the wings.

S Tomkins

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Try this page -

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Try Yellow Shell

Or failing that Common Heath.

David Howdon