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Spotted on the South Downs

Observed: 8th August 2008 By: Stuart KayStuart Kay’s reputation in MammalsStuart Kay’s reputation in Mammals
Small Creature

small creature spotted by a river while walking the south downs

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I would think that a Water Shrew would appear darker than this. However I've little comparative experience.

Donald Hobern

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This is not a Water Shrew,

This is not a Water Shrew, which is sharply black and white.



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There's a hint of brown there. The tail is too long for a water shrew too. It's a Common Shrew.
It's interesting that I seem to see more dead shrews than voles, rats or mice. I suspect it's either down to high populations or to shrews tasty nasty.

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Colour demarcation

The demarcation of colour between upper and lower body is very marked isn't it? I can see why Sheila thought water shrew (but it does look too brown for that too).

Gill Sinclair
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Pygmy shrew

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think this is a pygmy shrew based on the long tail (looks almost as long as the body) and the clear demarcation between the upper and lower fur colour.

Graham Banwell

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