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Both Blamey, Fitter and Fitter and Collins (Streeter et al) say that in Ononis repens, the wings should be as long as the keel, and that is clearly not the case in the flower shown. Stace doesn't mention this feature - what do people think about its reliability?

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Thanks for comment - have

Thanks for comment - have gone back to Rose and it also says that in O.repens, wings equal keel as opposed to O.spinosa where wings are shorter than keel. unfortunatley I was taking these shots as part of a large group recording butterflies so I had no time to take note of any other distunguishing features to help the ID - though I can't ssee the spines of O. spinosa and the stems look to be hairy all round. As the photo is head on to the open flower, I think its quite difficult to judge the relative lengths of the keel and wings with any confidence - but I may be wrong! Any other thoughts?

Clare Flynn