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Beautiful, Plain, Golden, Silver... at least it's a Y?

Observed: 7th September 2012 By: BDeed
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I originally identified this as a Silver-Y, but have started to come around to my colleagues line of thinking

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Thanks, especially of the link! It's expedited a lot of my questions, though i am sure i will still question!

For me i was eventually tempted by BGY more due as much as anything else to it's behavior, whereas all my previous encounters of Silver-Y the moth has been fidgety and flighty this one let me get as close as i liked and even disturb it a certain amount in removing grass from around and over it.

The flight period didn't seem out with us being further north and everything else running over anyway (Waring states BGY runs into early September).

The kidney shape also seemed very well outlined for Silver-Y which again in Waring pointed to BGY, the 'joinded-ness' of the Y again seemed to rule out BGY until mention was made of it being joined up in cases..

Still i guess all these arguments have been made and without the specimen certainty will avoid!