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Small lilac flowers borne on stems with leaves. Leaves are opposite and deeply lobed.

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Marine anomolies

Devonian - I am trawling history. There are many anomalous Tags of Marine - this, I believe is one. Do you consider this to be marine - probably not? Perhaps you meant Maritime or Coastal. Tell me what you think, (rudely if you wish!) because I am thinking of approaching as many posters of these as I can.
Regards ðerek

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Appropriate Semantics

Derek, with a little embarrassment I have to agree with you. This plant is, now that you have pointed it out, is not marine but coastal.

I'm hoping that you will not find any more of this type of error in my postings, but if you do please let me know and I shall correct them.


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Pat - don't be embarrassed. It is such a small thing that few people notice. I have LOADS of big things!
Nice pictures. You are such a good and steady poster, that it's time you really did some more marines (considering!)