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Unknown duck - Photo A

Observed: 7th September 2012 By: NinaFindlay
Unknown duck - Photo A

By a moat, within castle grounds. In land.
Smaller and slimmer than a Mallard. White collar. Rust coloured stripe to back of head and neck. Small tuft on top of head (rust coloured). Blue-grey legs. Hybrid?

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I'm guessing this will turn

I'm guessing this will turn out to be a Fulvous (something) Duck possibly a Fulvous Whistling Duck

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Gadwall... isn't. I think Mark's right, thought I believe the Fulvous Whistling Duck belongs in warmer climes. So this one is either very lost, or perhaps an escapee.

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Fulvous Whistling Duck

Thanks for the help everyone! I have compared our photos to the ones on this site and I'm now quite sure that there were 2 Fulvous Whistling Ducks in the grounds of Hertford Castle. It is highly probable that they were escapees as they behaved in a "tame" way.

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Fulvous Whistling Duck

I spotted 2 ducks that were the same as this on the Lee at Hertford on 18th September 2012. I had no idea what they were but looking at this and other photos I am sure they were Fulvous Whistling Ducks. I was surprised at the noise they made (very loud) but now knowing they are 'whistlers" it all makes sense