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Devon lichens 2 - Brown lichen on concrete

Observed: 11th September 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Brown lichen on concrete
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Growing on a concrete wall, dark brown crustose lichen with a cracked thallus and some slightly lighter brown areas. Possibly Acarospora?


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I think this is most likely to be A. fuscata, but would prefer a closer look.


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Unlikely sub-strate for Acarospora

Its unlikely to be Acarospora fuscata as its on concrete - Verrucaria nigrescens possibly but hard to tell from the photograph

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I somehow managed to miss the fact that it's on concrete. Should read more carefully!

Too pale for V. nigrescens? I might have agreed with V. macrostoma if the perithecia were evident.


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Thank you all for your suggestions.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have asked my son if he could take a better photo for us so that more detail can be seen.

When I get it, would it be best to put the newer pic here or as a separate observation?

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I would...

add the pic to this observation.

The perithecia, if present, will be around 0.4mm across and not the easiest of things to photograph. You may have seen the dome-like structures on Verrucaria (Hydropunctaria) maura.

Microscopy might be needed for certainty to decide between V. macrostoma and V. nigrescens. I have only seen the latter.


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Verrucaria ... I think!!

My first guess would be V. fusconigrescens - it looks the right colour for the usual form of this (not the variant in Dobson!), and it would appear to be plentiful in the south-west. But detailed examination needed. Doesn't look like V. macrostoma to me.


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I've had a look at the photos

I've had a look at the photos of V.fusconigrescens on and think that the newer photos I posted here match better colourwise at least.

My son owns a microscope (whereas I do not) and maybe would be able to look more closely. What would a detailed examination entail?


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Four new photos added

Four new photos added that were taken this morning. The sunlight was bright and it seems to have made quite a difference to the colour, the brown appearing much greyer. I hope they may make identification a little easier.