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Observed: 6th September 2012 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Otter ( Lutra lutra) 6.9.12.Rooksbury Mill

Use you imagination on this one and trust me. Saw 3 otters in the lake today.Wasn't prepared and only had a rubbish camera

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I believe you!

What an exciting experience! I saw an otter whilst in Ullapool and was just mesmerized.

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Additional info.

Hi Graeme. Strictly speaking we shouldn't really agree with an ID on the basis of imagination and trust:-) and I couldn't personally ID this as an otter from your photograph. However it's fine to add a description of what you saw that would enable other iSpot users to agree with your ID, especially if you're 'as sure as you can be' (which you are in this instance).

Gill Sinclair
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I agree with Gill, not enough to be sure this is an otter based on the photo but your observation description shows you were very lucky.

Graham Banwell

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