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Common Darter?

Observed: 5th September 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebrates
5 Sept 12 (148)
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Go with your second option!

Note the dark triangle which is just about visible on top of the thorax.

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Thanks Roy and Chris, I had

Thanks Roy and Chris,

I had recorded Black Darter last year in the same place and there were lots of these small darters on the go yesterday, inc many all black ones. I wasnt sure and I wrongly IDed a common as a black (an olive coloured one like this) some time ago on iSpot for someone else and not too far away from here. I thought this might be a common as the Black darter I snapped last year was quite yellow.

I must take a close look now for the triangle.



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Hi Cathal, I think getting into the tail end of the season the normally bright yellow has dulled / darkened, which is common in a lot of dragonflies. Regards Chris.

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Chris, how do Black darter


how do Black darter and Common darter compare in size? Is there a significant difference?


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Cathal, the Black Darter is noticeable smaller as a general rule.

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Thanks for this Chris. I'd

Thanks for this Chris. I'd say I saw approx 30 Blacks then yesterday, enjoying the rare blast of good sunshine. Also some really large dragons which I didnt get a decent look at, common hawker or 4 spotted chaser. The big hawkers seem to be even harder to get to sit for their phot than the 4-spotted chasers. The little darters werent so bad.


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I have always thought that if you get a good close up of a Hawker then you have done very well and should be pleased. Brown Hawker and Common Hawker are the hardest by far, whilst Southern, and Migrant can be amenable on their day. Emperors fall into the hard category as well. That said if luck is on your side then anything is possible but I have spent many a day waiting for a Brown Hawker to settle and then not been able to get within 10 yards of it, frustrating but then that is the challenge I suppose.