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Observed: 5th September 2012 By: knightowls73

Snake found in basement of my house. I live near a wooded area broken up with farms and fields. I am unsure of the identification but it may be a rat snake or milk snake. We have ruled out Massasauga which also live in this area. The snake was about 14 inches long.

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Looks like a Great Plains

Looks like a Great Plains Ratsnake.


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Maybe try iNaturalist

Since iSpot predominantly focuses on the UK (although there are likely to be those here who can help), it might be worth your posting this request also on iNaturalist ( which has many more US participants.

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Donald Hobern

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Thank you, I'll check them

Thank you, I'll check them out.

Bob Arth

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There's a good website for reptiles and amphibians from your part of the world -