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Field Gentian

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Field Gentian
Field Gentian
Field Gentian

Found a number of these plants growing on a disused single track road. The most likely identification we can make is Field Gentian - help?

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most likely field gentian,

most likely field gentian, other alternative is autumn gentian but not sure they grow in that area and anyway tend to be a bit later in the year. they also look a bit different.

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Mike We do get Autumn Gentian

We do get Autumn Gentian in Assynt, but these are Field Gentian.
A local expert Ian Evans , http://www.highlandnaturalists.com/biography/ian-pat-evans, called round and made a definite identification.

Les Pearce
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Field gentian

Also called bitter-root. The name gentian comes from an ancient Greek King called Gentius. He is, according to Pliny (of Vesuvius and Pompeii fame) the person who discovered the roots are an antidote to all sorts of poisons. How he discovered this Pliny does not say, I bet he did not test it on himself!

Graham Banwell

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