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Observed: 3rd September 2012 By: smallthings

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The centres of the thalli seem to be granular-isidiate.


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Good point.

Hmm, so not C. thallincola. Nor is it a good match for C. verruculifera (colour, unusually fertile) though this seems the most likely.


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I agree

This is a deep orange. I have seen C. verruculifera diverging from lemon yellow, but not this colour. I haven't seen it anywhere near enough to understand its range, though I have seen it bearing apothecia.

Confusing, but what other options are there?


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Just maybe

We need a closer view of the isidia, but the other seeming possibility is C. granulosa. It is a rare species, but photographed on the south Welsh coast, which is the right area. We also have very little habitat information and scale would be useful here.

Since Dobson illustrates an unusually orange variant of C. verruculifera, and since, in the past, C. granulosa has been much over-recorded in place of C. verruculifera, I still think we have to say that C. verruculifera is most likely.

Maybe I shall be down in that area myself in the near future and achieve greater understanding?