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Observed: 10th June 2012 By: em663
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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I always called these wolf spiders, not certain if that is correct? Carrying an egg sack - I believe when the spiderlings hatch they also cling to the parent in a similar formation. I've never seen this though.

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Wolf spiders

Yes, this is one of the wolf spiders; there are quite a few similar species. The mother will carry the spiderlings around on her back for a while after they hatch out - I always enjoy seeing them doing this! Keep your eye out and I'm sure you'll see some doing this soon enough.

Perhaps you could add a revised ID with the scientific name 'Lycosidae' so that your observation can be compared more easily to others :)


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Scientific name

Ah yes, thanks Rosie!

I'll keep an eye out. My garden is chock full of these guys, but they are so fast!