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Black coastal lichen

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Black lichen coastal band a
Black lichen coastal band b

Black crustose lichen on sandstone cliffs and rocks forming coastal band near high water mark. Areolate thallus with lots of small bulging perithecia. Possibly Verrucaria maura [Hydropunctaria maura].


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Name and spelling

Thanks Nigel for spotting incorrect spelling in earlier posting for this lichen and for information about more recent Hydropunctaria name. Logging system didn't seem to register Hydropunctaria maura so stayed with Verrucaria maura which it still registered.

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While the DNA evidence for splitting up Verrucaria is undeniable, we don't seem to have an easily accessible summary of the new names, nor have some of the splits in recent years proved nomenclaturally stable.

The genus Hydropunctaria is well founded and recently described species in the H. maura complex have valid names only in Hydropunctaria, but on my own website I currently think it better to keep them all under Verrucaria for now - this being the treatment in Dobson and in 'The lichens of Great Britain and Ireland', and in other currently available identification guides.


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Thanks Alan for information about Hydropunctaria/Verrucaria names and especially about current usage in many publications. All new for me so interesting and helpful.