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Willow beauty?

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willow beauty?
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Ive agreed Willow Beauty

Ive agreed Willow Beauty because of the close double crosslines almost converging at the trailing edge of the forewing. It seems consistent with the illustrations in Waring- which I had to refer to once again.

At first glance I thought it could only be Mottled Beauty going by the shape and colouration. I am not entirely sure but those paired crosslines are clear on the illustrations of WB and dont seem to be there on any of the 8 examples of MB in the book?


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I'd be interested to hear Douglas's reasoning for his identification of this one as I'm not convinced I am right and he was certain he was.

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willow beauty

thanks for your help and an ameteur i now realise why i had difficulty with this one!

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I'm sure you're right folks;

I'm sure you're right folks; my ID was in much haste and only really based on a quick glance - I shall have to take more care in future.

Coming to think of it Willow is also much more likely because of time of year and taking another look at markings, they fit this species much better.

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