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East flying birds

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Pretty much every evening for the last few weeks we have had many (up to about 50 on some occasions) birds flying over our home in Nottingham, in what I think is an East-West direction. Their cry is Gull like. In the morning I have seen what I assume are the same type of bird flying back in the opposite direction. Not sure what they are or where they may be heading to and from. Sorry about photo quality - there are a long way away!

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I've been looking at the behaviour of Herring Gulls and others as part of a work project. Apparently, it is not uncommon for them to fly tens of kilometres between favoured night-time roosts and daytime feeding areas (such as a landfill site). So you may be under their regular flight path.
By the bye, I've learnt that Harris's Hawks are quite effective at dispersing gulls: just don't use one anywhere near a chicken coop...

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It's more than likely that you have a few different species of large gull going over. Almost certainly, there will be Herring, Lesser Black-backed and possibly Greater Black-backed. Some of those shown here could be Herring or Lesser Black-backed, I think.


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I think...

...mixture too - Lesser and definitely Herring.