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Not an eristalis (3)

Observed: 4th September 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in Invertebrates
Wasp dorsal
Wasp head

Not good photos, I'm afraid. Possibly a Crabronid? Also, not on an umbellifer, like the others.

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The way the wings are held made me think of this type of insect, but the body pattern looked rather different from my "known" photo - identified here in the past.
Thanks for the suggestion - will see if it gets any agreements!

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I have to say though it looks pretty similar to those on the carousel but as I said I'm out of my comfort zone really.

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Dark frons, orange femora without dark ring and shimmer stripe just about visible on side of thorax, points to quadrifasciatus.


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Again, many thanks

it was very active, and tricky to photograph. Thanks to both.