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Marbled Carpet complex

Observed: 3rd September 2012 By: Donald HobernInvertebrates expert

Two separate moths.

Species interactions

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I believe that C latefasciata

I believe that C latefasciata should show a white circular mark at the dorsum in front of the antemedian fascia which neither of these two appear to show. I think it is also a rare moth in Denmark?
My feeing is that the right hand paler moth looks like C. truncata and the other darker moth with the pronounced tooth like projection from the outer band looks like C. citrata but that is only a feeling! Did you examine the undersides?

Jonathan Wallace

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Thanks, Jonathan.

No - I didn't restrain these two in time. As I noted, my suspicions would be the same as yours - one of each species.

Best wishes,

Donald Hobern