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Seaside flower

Observed: 3rd September 2012 By: danielpsmith
seaside flower
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So-called Carpobrotus edulis.

Carpobrotus edulis from southern Africa has large yellow flowers. This plant if it also has flowers of about 10cm diameter may be C. chilensis from Chile (and naturalised in the USA, California etc.)but other carpobrotus species also have purple-pink flowers further complicated by the fact that these plants hybridise very easily.

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Is C. edulis the most misdiagnosed species in the UK.

This is not C edulis although it may have some edulis genes.
Potential introgressives are C. chilensis reputed to be naturalised in the UK and possibly C. acinaciformis common in the Mediterranean and elsewhere in southern Europe so it is also a probable import.
Although an awful lot of publications use photos of C. "edulis" without yellow flowers they are all wrong.

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You are all very WRONG.

I suggest you contact Dr Hawkins of Reading University who has performed genetic studies regarding the parentage of British carpobrotus hybrid swarms.