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Legs one

Observed: 3rd September 2012 By: BDeed
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Just a couple of tester long-legs, i'd like to know how/if they can be identified from photos and if so then what in particular should i be trying to photograph for best changes of an identification?

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cranefly ID

On your more general question about cranefly ID it's not easy to give a general answer. Some craneflies are very distinctive by virtue of their shape and colour, but most are not. To key them out usually requires a mix of wing venation and examination of the genitalia. Dissection is not normally needed, as cranefly genitalia are largely external at the tip of the abdomen, but it does a require a very detailed photograph to show this in most cases.

Draft identification keys by Alan Stubbs are available here:

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Thanks Martin

For the identification here and on my other spot. To put your mind at rest the wings were definitely shorter than the abdomen it was one of the things i did actually notice, if anything the angle of the picture seems to have made them appear slightly longer!

I shall certainly refer to the key in future as well as try to get some detailed pics.

thanks again