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unidentified small fish

Hi while pond dipping the other day with the children, we came across a fish we had never noticed in the pond before. [we are used to 6 spined sticklebacks there]
It was longer that the sticklebacks, about 5-6cm with an orangey striped tinge.
The pond is very murkey and has a pH of 7.

Can someone please tell us what it may be?



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If the stripes were dark and broad down the body, it might have been a Perch. Where is the pond? Did the fish have an obviously spiky fin on its back?


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No, no spike that I noticed

It was its underbelly that was lengthways orangey, rather that vertical [if that is of any use]

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Hi Kaz...

...you can get Orange Tench (which are ornamental) - can you give description of fins (and where are they especially dorsal), what does the tail fin look like, other obvious features. Have you ruled out some sort of ornamental Carp (goldfish, type of Koi, etc)? More description is really needed here