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Observed: 2nd September 2012 By: miked
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The stem is very much like Hypholoma marginatim the only thing is the cap shape looks slightly wrong it also grows in pine needles.
Just a thought


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Don't think its Coprinus

Don't think its Coprinus atramentarius or Hypholoma marginatim. It was growing singly as shown but in a line i.e. not a cluster. it was in Picea abies trees but there may also have been animal droppings around from badger sett. Soil was probably acid from the conifer litter but underlying is on limestone rock.
The fungus was rather brittle, the cap fell to pieces as shown, gills were not obviously mottled which is a bit of a problem for my guess at ID in the panaeolus/psathyrella area.

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Psathyrella conopilus looks

Psathyrella conopilus looks good thanks. There were only 6 of them but I suppose they don't always have to come up in big numbers.