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Middle fish

Observed: 23rd August 2012 By: DavidHowdon
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More fish that I cannot ID, this one rather dead.

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On 2nd pic I can see 3

On 2nd pic I can see 3 barbels on the upper mandible(ie 3 visible), as Chris says it can only be a 5 beard. It couldnt have more than 2 on the upper mandible if it were shore rockling or 3 beard. Colouration is consisitent with juvenile shioreline 5 beard also- golden belly and claret body.


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Those barbels

Hi Cathal, thanks for the agreement. I think you can just see the tip of the fourth nose barbel between to two smaller lower ones. Regards Chris.

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Hi Chris, I was looking for

Hi Chris,

I was looking for stuff that day at low tide in pools on the lower part of an exposed beach, among stones with bladder wrack attached. I saw approx 7 juvenile rockling and they were all 5 beards. They were all the exact same colour as this fish. Golden bellies and deep dark maroon on the back and sides. Yeah I can see too many barbels for it to be anything but 5 beard.