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Ginger-brown hairy caterpillar

Observed: 1st September 2012 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
01.09.12 031 brown hairy caterpillar CC garden Kineton
01.09.12 022 brown hairy caterpillar yellow head
01.09.12 018 brown hairy caterpillar white side lines

Found amongst wild flower plants, not sure which it was feeding on. Perhaps a Buff Ermine or a White Ermine or a Ruby Tiger moth? I found one just like this last year, in almost the same place, but didn't get a definite id then. About 3cm long, with yellow, hairless head, and white stripes along its sides. Moves pretty fast.

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