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Observed: 31st August 2012 By: AlfozAlfoz’s reputation in Birds

Could hear this bird moving through the reeds and could see the reeds moving. Only got the chance to snatch these 2 photos. Now totally bewildered! Id book leaves me baffled especially with the feather colours.

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Thanks for having a go. It was very difficult to get those 2 shots. It had been moving the reed stems without showing for a while. a very shy bird!

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I agree it looks like a Reed Warbler. I did consider Cetti's Warbler at first but they're not normally found in Cumbria.

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Cetti's warbler

They have bred at Leighton Moss this year near the hide from where these photos were taken. Have shown then to staff there and they seem to think Cetti's warbler is a real posibility. Things are getting even better!!

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Yes, they could well be right. Looking again, the colour looks better for Cetti's, I think. The second picture is more convincing than the first. I would add that as an ID, if I were you.


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Agree Cetti's

On the basis of the ID is at the level of It might be this I agree with Cetti’s. There is a hint of supercilium, the bill looks to be quite short and (an assumption this based on the photo with the tail) the primary projection may be short too.