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Spiny starfish???

I recently posted an image of a starfish seen in western Scotland:
My initial thoughts were that it was a spiny starfish but as it did not look quite right I eventually proposed common starfish as its ID. One person agreed with this but another proposed an alternative ID which confirmed my initial suspicion that the starfish was a spiny starfish. This second person provided a variety of comments as to why spiny starfish is the correct ID and on the basis of these I have added my agreement to his ID. However, as the person who agreed with my original suggested identity has "Invertebrates Expert" status iSpot is continuing to recognise common starfish as the likely ID.
I would be grateful if others with knowledge of/expertese in echinoderms could take a look and help resolve what this starfish actually is.
Jonathan Wallace



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Nobody very interested in

Nobody very interested in starfish out there?

Jonathan Wallace

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Maybe these people can help

If nobody here can help you with this, why not send your photos to Macduff Marine Aquarium: They have been very helpful in helping me identify things in the past.

Personally I don't often come across any starfish along the stretch of coast I frequently walk, so know nothing about them. I'm rather intrigued by yours.


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Thanks Ginny It was one of a

Thanks Ginny
It was one of a number of rather impressive large starfish we saw in the location.
I am pretty sure that it is a Spiny Starfish but my original incorrect (I believe) ID is still flagged as the likely ID.
I will try your suggestion and send my picture to the MacDuff Aquarium.

Jonathan Wallace