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_MG_4724 amanita

Observed: 17th October 2010 By: miked
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In sandy woodland with conifers and occasional oaks. Did not get enough info to make a proper ID beyond Amanita unless the new amanita book can suggest anything. Does not appear to be any hint of reddening and the stem is rather thick. Note its not a proper ring but just where the stem has been damaged and rolled up.


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no book

I have not got my book to hand till next week but will have a look ,very sturdy specimen looks like Amanita pantherina the ring is not grooved,particles on cap white.There seem to be a few coming up over the past week so hopefully the start of many more to come,Is this what you thought.


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A great photo Mike but where

A great photo Mike but where are the others showing the base and the underside? A pantherina would be my suggestion

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"where are the others showing

"where are the others showing the base and the underside?"
Yes I know sorry, can't remember why I did not take the extra photos, possibly had very little time and was wanting to document as many species as possible before they cut down the trees in that area, also I was much more interested in this little thing that was growing next to it
and which still has no name.