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Unidentified invert

Observed: 11th August 2012 By: IWoodwardIWoodward’s reputation in InvertebratesIWoodward’s reputation in Invertebrates
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 4
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 1
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 2
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 6
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 6 Bright
Larkswood unid invert 2012-08-12 6 contrast

Habitat = clearing within a wood

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ID comment

It looks like a Squash Bug late instar nymph but I'm having trouble seeing enough detail in the images.

Can I ask a favour, could you over-lighten an image and upload it to this post.

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Thanks Chris,

A couple of images added with contrast and brightness changed. Hope this helps and is what you meant - I haven't tried playing about with any images before!

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Squashbug nymph

A nymph of Coreus marginatus? - Dock Bug.
I saw a couple yesterday on our patch.

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Dock Leaf Bug - Coreus

Dock Leaf Bug - Coreus marginatus as Grant suggests. There have been a lot of these around nearby and the shape is distinctive.

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Thanks everybody for your help.