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Caerleon Creature

Observed: 1st March 2004 By: matt harrismatt harris’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesmatt harris’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
PICT0111 Caerleon Creature 2

Also known (by me, if by nobody else) as the Beast of Bulmore. Observed by a friend on a golf course during a toad patrol.

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.. and very weird! It looks newt-esq., was it moving?? The body seems quite thick for the size of the head, and it seems to be covered in a thin slime or lining... perhaps a regurgitation newt of some kind..?

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I'm told that it was alive

I'm told that it was alive and moving. There are two theories as to what it is (or was); one is that it is an exotic that was imported with the huge amount of landscaping materials that came in, including from N. America. The other is that it was a native newt that was attacked and somehow skinned by a predator (otters, mink etc live nearby), and was basically in its death-throes when discovered. If you look at the hand of the front left limb, and use your imagination, it looks like there's some loose skin around it.

Either way, it was released soon after the pic was taken.

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To me, this looks like a dead newt just starting to decay and lose the outer layers of the skin, the eye looks "dead" too. Just looks wrong for a live leucistic newt, whole different look and texture to the body.

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Here's a male from the same pond as the previous link in the identification.