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Observed: 30th August 2012 By: Stephen Plummer

Does the lilac-colour of this Russula sp. enable an identification? It was in woodland beneath hawthorn & sycamore with oak nearby


No identification made yet.

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if you can

Sorry I cannot tell as the true cap colour is not clear from the photo.I have the same problems in dark shaded woodland I take one into open light and get a photo as you get a true colour then as there are a few with this colour cap.If you are really interested it help's to get a spore print too put the cap gills down on a piece of card and cover with a bowl leave overnight and you get the spore colour which helps with id too also a good clear shot of the gill with the cap cut in half like you have done hear as you can see if the gills are attached,decurrent,free ect

Sorry I cannot help on this one but it is a russula


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Suspect Russula is as far as

Suspect Russula is as far as its possible to go

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Thanks for your helpful

Thanks for your helpful comments.