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London's best skywatching point

Observed: 21st April 2010 By: DavidHowdon
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A buzzard observed from the Tower 42 Bird Observatory (http://t42bsg.blogspot.com/) a fascinating project

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Definitely buzzard. Dont go

Definitely buzzard. Dont go on colouration for buzzards, they can differ enormously. Wings are typically compact (an Osprey's are much slimmer and longer) and patternation is typical buzzard.

Just go out there and do it!!!

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I agree with buzzard. What are the chances of it being osprey in that location? Didnt know about tower 42. Will definately go there next time I am in London.

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London Osprey and Tower 42

We definitely get Osprey on passage in London so that would not be impossible (although this one is clearly a Buzzard).

It is not possible to just turn up at Tower 42 and go onto the roof, you will need to go with the organised group (security and all that). Best bet is probably to contact David 'The Urban Birder' Lindo via http://theurbanbirder.com/contact/ and see if there is a spare place.

David Howdon

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tower 42

Thanks. Really useful to know

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The colouration allows for this bird to be a juvenile osprey, however the jizz of this bird just screams buzzard. Colouration aside, the body shape, head shape, the way it holds its wings and legs; its all buzzard.

To confirm it I have a large 26" widescreen monitor and was able to compare the illustrations and video for buzzard and osprey from BWPi next to these photos (on one screen at the same time), no doubt about it they match buzzard.

Graham Banwell

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Definitely a buzzard, but a very well-marked one.

Bob Ford