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Optional space for camera details ?

I think it would be really helpful to many users (including me!)if there were to be a space added to the Observations upload page (optional to fill in or leave blank) where details of how the shot was obtained could be entered, eg Camera model, settings, whether flash/tripod used etc. Comments?



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A lot of digital cameras

A lot of digital cameras include this information automatically (EXIF data), so it may be possible for iSpot to display this without it being necessary to enter it all.

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Displaying EXIF data

Very good point, MM; I've no idea what it would take to achieve, it's one for the webmaster!

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Although it might be nice to have that I cannot see it being a priority for iSpot.

Plus I'd worry it would start to move iSpot in the direction of being a photography forum rather than a wildlife identification forum.

David Howdon

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Good point

Yes, I can see your point David, and I certainly wouldn't want to see that change of focus either (no pun intended ;-)

I think Masked Marvel's suggestion re displaying the EXIM data could well be the way to go.