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Possibly Minnows

Observed: 28th August 2012 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in Fish
Unidentified fish, Shuttleworth Quarries, 2012-08-28 003
Unidentified fish, Shuttleworth Quarries, 2012-08-28 004

Small fish, perhaps 5cm in length, gathering around a feed pipe into a small stream. the stream is fed from a fishing lake, the overflow from which which runs into the pipe.
The strem is shrouded by deep woodland; these pictures were taken with a flask, from as near as I could get without falling in.
It occured to me that these might be fry from the fishing lake, possible from restocking.

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Not Minnows, but can't be sure what they are. Minnows have a bolder pattern of blotches down the lateral line. Fry can be very hard to identify.

Incidentally, where do you get the thermos with a built in camera...I want one!


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Oh, Those Damn Typos!

With a FLASH, not a FLASK. But it sounds like a fantastic invention for winter. You can patent it if you like - it's all yours. I cede all claims to it ;-).

I have a friend who's been a fisherman all his life - I'll send the pictures to him, and see if he's got any ideas.

The behaviour is interesting though.


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Hi, The presence of a lateral


The presence of a lateral stripe was what made me agree these as minnows?


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Looking again, I think there are probably different species here, and perhaps some of them are Minnows, though quite poorly marked, if so.

Trying to ID small fish from a photo through the water is always difficult...!


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