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Observed: 28th August 2012 By: George Jacob

Several oaks in this vicinity have grossly abnormal acorns. The acorn has not formed and is replaced with a malformed, green fleshy growth. On one oak there are some normally formed acorns. The leaves from this tree show what I presume is a viral disease.

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Hi, I found trees, in and

Hi, I found trees, in and around the field we rent for our horses, with the same deformed acorns. I have never seen it before, and found this page via Google. The owner is a bit concerned about the health of the trees now!

Stacey Brassington

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The trees will be fine. This

The trees will be fine. This gall only affects the acorns and is caused by a tiny wasp (quite harmless to humans).

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)