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Clam Shellfish

Observed: 9th April 2012 By: iPhil
Clam Shellfish

Beautiful creatures which I've only seen in the fishmongers before. Shells were all open where above water on rocks, until I noticed nearby footfall induced them to close.

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mollusc not moth!

ah, I see what's happened here! Rheumaptera undulata is a moth whose common name is 'scallop shell'.

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Well that was rather a funny mistake I think! Thank you for clarifying that, Paula. I was only going to put 'scallop', but then ispot offered me 'scallop shell' as well, so for some reason I thought it sounded closer (probably because I'd just been browsing wikipedia, which points out that just putting scallop isn't sufficient (probably in the context of cooking though!)as various meat cuts are also called 'scallops'.

Ah well, it amused me on a very rainy day.

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good to edit & move to invertebrates

good to edit & move to invertebrates :)