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'Rainbow spokes' on double rainbow nearing Swaffham Prior

Observed: 25th August 2012 By: Chalkie
DSCN0205 double rainbow nearing Swaffham Prior

Odd ripple effect on a double rainbow (admittedly not an organism, but a natural phenomenon, as far as I can tell). I hadn't ever noticed this before - any ideas? The 'ripples' are rather faint, but are at right-angles to the rainbow arch, inside the arch. Photo was taken from inside a moving car - maybe they were an artefact of that, but we could all see them.


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The ripples look like they

The ripples look like they might be rainbow spokes, see the website for an explanation.

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Thank you for that link

Brilliant - I think that seems very likely to be the explanation. I've never seen or heard of rainbow spokes before.

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Rainbow spokes

Fascinating, Chalkie, thanks. Your photo has opened up a whole new area I knew nothing about. We are having daily rainbows at the moment so I shall be looking out for the wheel effects.

Jonathan Bye

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glad someone else was interested!

Thanks, Jonathan. I was a bit unsure about putting it on ispot, so I'm glad somebody else found it interesting too. I also now have a better understanding of why we see rainbows - and I'd not heard of 'glories' before either.

Mind you don't trip over that pot of gold...