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A Hackney Hedgehog

Observed: 28th August 2012 By: jeremyrjeremyr’s reputation in Mammalsjeremyr’s reputation in Mammalsjeremyr’s reputation in Mammals

It's dead, it's head has been chewed off, but it's a hedgehog, and it's here!

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meal finished off by today with just a clean skin and jawbones remaining

there's a fox I know well with an Earth and a family nearby

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As it was found in an Insect Conservation Area I guess you must be overjoyed such a nasty predator has been taken out by the cuddly fox!

(Said with tongue firmly in cheek before the hate mail starts flying my way!)

Graham Banwell

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hogs welcome

I camped there last summer to check out the bats and I caught the fox running off my my dog's food tray. We chased it and it dropped the tray ten yards away, still with the loose pellets in it as if it had carried trays before. The dog set up a 25 yards perimeter around the camp, but I'm sure the fox's earth was well within that area, so it sat there near the edge of this boundary, yowling for hours.

The hedgehogs don't bother the hoverflies and we could probably even spare a few the large crunchy category A Stictoleptura scutellata beetles here for such a seldom and distinguished visitor!

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