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Copper Underwing

Observed: 28th August 2012 By: PamelaPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_2755crop Copper Underwing
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Copper Underwing and

Copper Underwing and Svensson's Copper (A berbera) Underwing are notoriously similar and best distinguished by inspection of the hindwing underside (or gen det). There are subtle differences to the upper forewing and I think this looks as though it is probably A pyramida.
The NBN Gateway map shows only A pyramida as present in Northern Ireland and if that is correct then that clearly supports the view that this is A. pyramida. As the true distribution of these two species is still being teased out after the (relatively) recent discovery that they are different but very similar species it would be interesting though to get a comment from someone knowledgable about Northern Ireland's moth fauna as to whether berbera has been recorded at all there.

Jonathan Wallace

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Distribution of A pyramida

Thanks I will check that and let you know