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Fragrant orchid

Observed: 16th August 2012 By: jane rjane r’s reputation in Plantsjane r’s reputation in Plantsjane r’s reputation in Plants

In damp grassland by the side of the road

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Fragrant Orchids

there are three types of Fragrant orchid in the UK and all three can be found in Cumbria, usually in different locations but at Waitby Greenriggs you can find all three. Common fragrant prefers dry grassland, Heath Fragrant - moorland/hill pasture and Marsh Fragrant, as you would expect, damp places, alkaline flushes. The flowering times are slightly different and the flowers are slightly different too. From the appearance of the flowers and the location this one is likely to be Marsh Fragrant, Gymnadenia densiflora.

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fragrant orchids

thanks, that's great!